3 Reasons Screenplays Deserve to Be Read

Here at 120pages, our basic premise is simple: screenplays deserve to be read even if they do not win a production deal.

Production Deals Do Not Mean a Screenplay is Good
You cannot assume that because a film is made that it’s screenplay is good.  Have you seen some of the movies that get made (I’m looking at you, Independence Day: Resurgence)?  Some films, like Jurassic Park III, reportedly get produced without a complete screenplay… and we unfortunately saw how that turned out.

Screenwriters are Artists, Regardless of Collaboration
Famous painters, such as Julie Merhtu, often have a staff of painters who execute their vision. Installation art routines requires collaboration to build.   In these scenarios, a primary artist has the vision and lays out the blueprint.  The fact that it takes a team to execute a vision shouldn’t detract from the prestige of the artist.

Screenplays are more than “Blueprints”
Screenplays are often referred to as a “blueprint” for a film.  A blueprint is a technical outline.  But screenplays are not simply the plan to execute a vision; it is the genesis of a vision.  It is the point of creation, not just the functional instructions to put the film together.


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